Program Management

Program Management

AFS makes big things possible for program managers to achieve long-term program success in environments that demand optimal performance under tight budgets, strict regulatory mandates, and unforgiving marketplace pressures. Whether we are addressing high-profile programs in Information Technology or Healthcare, our program management experts bring a multidisciplinary approach to achieve success.

With AFS as a trusted partner in program management, our clients can address the many essential elements of success including:

  • Implementation of best practices in strategy, planning, and governance
  • Effective stakeholder engagement and change management
  • Knowledge management and training

As an active member of Project Management Institute, AFS constantly strives to find innovative ways to foster excellence in the field of program management as well as maintain a leading role in industry expertise and insights.

Metrics & Performance Management

We work with clients to develop a clear plan for successful program outcomes by integrating planning, budgeting, and operations. By drawing measurable connections from budget processes to program outcomes, we enable clients to make better decisions, manage costs, and achieve their goals.

Our integrated approach to performance management enables clients to harness the collective potential of their people, processes, and technology into tangible value. Our performance management services include:

  • Addressing critical human capital issues through skilled workforce analysis and development
  • Developing consistent evaluation criteria to shift the focus from tactical outputs to substantive outcomes
  • Linking individual performance to organizational success by helping managers identify gaps in staffing and develop new training requirements